7-11 November 2017
HKAECT received AECT 2017 Presidential Award

at 2017 AECT International Convention, Jacksonville, Florida


AECt 2017 Presidential Award

AECT 2017
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AECT 2017 Presidential Award
AECT 2017 Presidential Award
AECT 2017 Presidential AwardAECT 2017 Presidential AwardAECT 2017 Presidential AwardAECT 2017 Presidential Award
AECT 2017 Presidential Award
AECT 2017 Presidential Award

Miaoting Presented and Promoted HKAECT 2018 at AECT 2017


Words from Professor Brad Hokanson
AECT 2017 President

Dear Colleagues:

I have the pleasure to inform you that Hong Kong AECT has been awarded a Presidential Award for its exceptional achievements and efforts as an AECT affiliate. I would like to congratulate you and your organization on this honor. Please note that this is the first time an affiliate has received this honor and I can say it is very well deserved

I would also ask that you congratulate Dr. Leo Yam as well.



Brad Hokanson
AECT President 2017
University of Minnesota College of Design

Words from Professor Leo P. K. Yam
Founding and Honorary President

Presidential Award Message from Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology (HKAECT)

“This is Leo Pak Kong Yam, the founding president since 1989. I would like to share with the colleagues the following message.
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The HKAECT’s mission is to promote ECT professional and leadership excellence, and to facilitate fraternity communication. We believe that within the four seas, we are brothers and sisters as the four lines of HKAECT Logo illustrates.

Our vision is to make educational communications and technology as a means to enhance humanity, and create effective use in education and communications.

The following verse unveils the paradox of information, communication and technology:

“Information is a form of abstract thinking – a message we can have access here and there,
We may choose from various sources far and near,
Sometimes it makes us frustrated and at a loss,
Is it right or wrong, is it true or false?
The same message could be decoded with different interpretations,
For people see what they want to see and construct their own perceptions.

Information is a discipline of culture, value and technology,
If we plan to use it wisely, with a critical mind, so subline,
It will provide us with needs, interests and conveniences, transcending space and time,
If we use it aimlessly, without discretion,
Having no humanity and creativity, communication and passion,
Information will make people indulge in fantasy, and weaken their positive compassion,
At last, information will become a heap of harmful resources, so true?
Information – we are sometimes scared of you!
Information – we are in need of you !”

With best wishes—being “Happy, Healthy and Optimistic, H2O”

Thank you!


  • Words from Dr. Allan H. K. Yuen
    HKAECT President (2010-2016)

    I am very delighted to learn that HKAECT has been awarded a Presidential Award for its exceptional achievements and efforts as an AECT affiliate. It is indeed a great honor for us to receive the Award. I am grateful for the opportunity to work and collaborate with all my dear colleagues in serving HKAECT since its establishment in 1989. Our celebration is not only to underline our successes and achievements, but to set our sights on searching new horizons for the future development of HKAECT.

    Words from Dr. Will W. K. Ma
    HKAECT President (2016-2018)

    It is our great honor to receive the AECT 2017 Presidential Award. We are so glad to work together with AECT. The support from AECT helps a lot for us in promoting educational communications and technology in Hong Kong. We will go on with our persistent effort in building and sustaining this academic community in the field, the same as in the last three decades !