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Conference Programme

 17-19 June 2019
at Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong

  • 08:30
    Venue: Outside Hall 1
  • 09:30
    Professor Leslie George THAM
    Vice President (Academic), Chu Hai College of Higher Education
    Will Wai Kit MA
    President, HKAECT
    Wendy CHAN
    Program Chair
    Opening Remarks: Past, Present & Future of Educational Communications & Technology
    Prof. Leo P. K. YAM
    Founding President, HKAECT
    Venue: Hall 1
  • 10:30
    Venue: Outside Hall 1
  • 11:00
    Dr. Wendy CHAN
    Program Chair
  • 12:00
  • 14:00

    Media and Communication

    Venue: W606
    Language and Media Usage Influence How Chinese Adolescents Form Their Identities and Purchasing Behaviour
    Kelly Tin Ki LAU
    Understanding the public opinion with the case of MTR Breakdown on 16th October 2018
    Pinky LEE, Terence TONG, Anson CHEUK and Abel CHAN
    Young Adults' Attitude of Using Dating Apps in Hong Kong
    Gisele Chi Ying LEE, Shing Chi Oscar LIUand Pui Kei LEE
    Trans border Shopping Behavior: What about Buying a Bag via Instagram?
    Wing Lam CHAN, Tinki LAU and Richard Xia Ying XU
    Venue: W607
    Enhancing Journalism Teaching & Learning through a Digital Reporting Platform
    Carol YIU Chu Hai College of Higher Education
    Mapping coding curriculum for kids from lower primary to middle school
    Junru YANG The Harbour School
  • 15:30
    Venue: Outside Hall 1
  • 16:00

    Education Policy and Curriculum Development

    Venue: W606
    On the Requirements of Teachers' Qualities under Internet+ Education Mode
    Song BO
    The Strategic Orientation of High-Quality Development of Higher Continuing Education in China
    Guogang MA
    Using digital badges and leaderboards in primary school math lessons: Beneficial or merely new wine in old bottles?
    Khe Foon HEW and Chui Ki LEE
    Research on the Current Situation and Development Trend of Computational Thinking in K-12 Education in China - Keywords Co-word Analysis Based on Knowledge Map
    Yi ZHANG, Jue WANG, Xing LI and Lin MEI
    Making science: The reflection of the "fake science" paper publishing market in China - Based on Jeffrey Beall's "Blacklist of Predatory Journals"
    Zhongbo LIU
    Venue: W607
    Using meaningful gamification to engage students
    Khe Foon HEW and Shurui BAI HKU
    Chatbot Design for Education
    Donn Gonda HKUST
  • 17:30
    Venue: Outside Hall 1
  • 08:30
    Venue: Outside Hall 1
  • 09:30
    Prof. Shih-Chang Hsin (信世昌) Ph.D.
    Keynote Speaker; President, TAECT/ Senior Vice President, National Tsing Hua University
    Professor, Division of Chinese as a Second Language.
    Professor, Chinese as a Second Language, National Taiwan Normal University
    Venue: Hall 1
  • 10:30
    Venue: Outside Hall 1
  • 11:00
    Liping DENG
    Meifeng LAU, Juhong Christie LIU and George Veletsanios
    Venue: Hall 1
  • 12:30
  • 14:00

    Media and Communication

    Venue: W606
    The Interaction of Online Gaming Experience and Social Components on Gamers’ Mental Health
    Chi-Keung Alex CHAN and Kwan-Lun CHEUNG
    Development of the Positive Smartphone Perception and Usage Inventory (PSPUI)
    Yang-Hsueh CHEN
    The Effects of Source and Quality of Online Reviews on Young Consumers’ Purchase Intention and Attitude towards Brand
    Jingyan FU, Jiaqi LIANG and Bohan XIE
    The Process of Tourism Destinations Decision Making and Online Travel Journal: Based on a Chinese Tourist Mobile Apps: Mafengwo
    Jiaqi LIANG, Kaiheng HE and Xiaying XU

    Blended Learning, Online Learning and Learning Management Systems

    Venue: W607
    OER and FOSS: Catalysts for innovation in online education
    Chenggui DUAN and Jing LIAO
    Faculty Perceived Functionality of Learning Management System: Development and Validation of a Scale
    Juhong Christie LIU, Noorie BRANTMEIER, Diane WILCOX, Oris GRIFFIN, Jamie CALCAGNO-ROACH and Rebecca BRANNON
    Visual Analysis Method of Online Learning Path Based on Eye-Tracking Data
    Su MU, Meng CUI, Jin Xiu QIAO and Xiao Ling HU
    Intervention Design Model and Its Application of Blended Collaborative Learning Design Research
    Shaodong PENG
  • 15:30
    Venue: Outside Hall 1
  • 16:00

    Artificial intelligence, deep learning and learning systems

    Venue: W606
    Investigating the Effects of Web-Based Instant Response System on Learning and Teaching in Pre-Service Teacher Courses
    Hsin-Tzu CHEN
    Comparing Artificial Intelligence Technology and Teacher’s Role in Daily Teachings: Using a Performance- Content Matric Approach
    Yiru LAI and Dan QIN
    Chinese K-12 teachers and students’ user experiences about Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS): Investigation from two schools in Zhejiang Province
    Yan LI
    KB-Supported Learning Transformation: An Experimental Study
    Jianhua ZHAO
    Pursuing Accessibility, Low Cost, and Open Access in the Collaborative Design of Community-based Online Training Modules of Inclusive Wellness Programs for People with Disabilities
    Juhong Christie LIU, Tom MORAN, Andrea TALIAFERRO, Jill LASSITER, Amanda CAMPBELL, Danette GIBBS and Scott PRUETT

    Pedagogy and Instructional Design

    Venue: W607
    Understanding the Effect of Gamification of Learning Using Flow Theory
    Chi-Keung Alex CHAN, Ho-Man Byron LEUNG and Man-Wai Chloe KUNG
    What do we mean by flexible learning and flexibility in online learning?
    George VELETSIANOS and Shandell HOULDEN
    A research of the design and implementation of within-class, multi-level instruction—Taking English and Mathematics As Examples
    Meifeng LIU, Wenhui LIU, Xinyu ZHANG and Fei WANG
    Preparing Students for Real-World Practice: Problem-Based Learning in a Post-Secondary Engineering Course
    Kimberly FARNSWORTH, Jean S. LARSON, Leah S. FOLKESTAD, Hamed Khodadadi TIRKOLAEI, Krista GLAZEWSKI and Wilhelmina SAVENYE
    How far does academia reach practice: a close look at a teacher’s forum with topic modeling
    Xiaoqing GU
    Relational Leadership: Promoting Lifelong Service and Meaningful Learning
    Beth BAIR and Rik BAIR
  • 18:30
    Venue: Bloomsway Cafe
  • 08:30
    Venue: Outside Hall 1
  • 09:30
    Keynote Speaker; President AECT/ Mississippi State University
    Venue: Hall 1
  • 10:30
    Venue: Outside Hall 1
  • 11:00

    Learner Characteristics and Student Engagement

    Venue: W606
    Monitoring the Learning Process to Enhance Motivation by Means of Learning by Discovery Using Facebook
    Michele Della VENTURA
    Applying narrative technique and student generated media to promote critical thinking and student agency for online learners
    Richard BAIR and Beth BAIR
    To assess self-designed learning platform’s effectiveness in learning engagement: A design-based research
    Kar Hei LAI and Khe Foon HEW
    Why students multitask: Towards a comprehensive understanding
    Liping DENG

    Education, Communication & Technology

    Venue: W607
    Prosocial Tendency, Peer Influence and Cyberbullying
    Chi-Keung Alex CHAN and Yuen-Ying Bonnie TSE
    Shaping the Future Media: A Review on New Media in the 21st Century
    Wing Lam CHAN
    Learning English as a Second Language through Social Media: First-hand Perspectives from a Group of Hong Kong Adolescents
    Anna Wing Bo TSO
    A Review of Deep Learning in the Last Three Years
    Will MA
  • 12:30
    Venue: Hall 1

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