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HKAECT International Conference 2019

Shaping the Future of Education, Communication and Technology

Co-organized by HKAECT and Centre for Crossmedia Culture Studies, Chu
Hai College of Higher Education
17 - 19 June 2019
at Chu Hai College of Higher Education, HKG, China

About the Conference

Technology has significant impact on education and communication. On the one hand, the whole learning process can be digitized, captured and analyzed that the data informs academic and practitioners for a continuous improvement in curriculum development, teaching philosophy, pedagogy, learner characteristics, student engagement, assessment and feedback. On the other hand, to a broader perspective, technology changes the way we communicate, in form of interpersonal communication, small group communication, mass media and journalism, new media, and social media. HKAECT International Conference 2019 provides a forum for exchanges of theory and practices on technology in education and communication. This platform provides a linkage between local and international academics and practitioners, and among institutions, society and the world. HKAECT International Conference 2019 aims to enhance the contribution of applied research and scholarship; support the development and application of new conceptual frameworks; improve the quality of contemporary practices; and encourage the continuous revisit of theories.



Call for participations





President-Elect AECT / Head of Department, Instructional Systems and Workforce Development, Mississippi State University

Prof. Shih-chang HSIN, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President and Professor of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, National Tsing Hua University
President, Taiwan Educational Communications and Technology (TAECT)(2017-18)



Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology (HKAECT)


Centre for Crossmedia Culture Studies
Chu Hai College of Higher Education


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